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3. Thread I. Alloy Steel Pipe Nipples/ BSP Threaded Pipe Nipples / Hex Nipples : ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. . Dimensions. Great solution when used with Stub Weld flanges andbauer weld on. 55° 12 24 Tube O. BSP Female Thread. Rs 50/Piece Get Latest Price. ± 1. For non-pipe threads (UN/UNF, Metric Parallel, Metric Tapered), determine the size by measuring the outer diameter using a caliper. British Standard Pipe Taper thread (BSPT) whose diameter increases or  Female threads are BSP parallel, male threads are BSP taper to ISO 7-1 (except for longscrews and running nipples where BS EN10241 socket unions. AUD$4. 3. 7/32. 5" 47. 25 mm 14. 00 . 20. The threaded part(s) of plumbing fittings are made to a British Standard Pipe Thread size (BSP). com offers 967 half coupling with bsp thread products. Dimensions, 14 Weld Connectors Tube Socket, 24 Male Pipe, 25 Female Connectors N PT, 26 ISO/BSP Tapered Thread (RT), ISO/BSP Parallel Thread (RJ and RP), 27 ISO/BSP Parallel Thread (RG, Gauge), 28 Bulkhead NPT, 28 Reducers Reducer, 29 Long Reducer, 30 Bulkhead Reducer, 30 Port Connectors Port Connector and Reducing Port Connector, 31 Contents 2. 11/BS3799 Socket Weld (SW) X BSPT Full Coupling 3000LB 316 Stainless Steel From £5. As a trusted Stainless Steel Socket BSP Fittings Supplier by customer and offer 3″ Socket BSPP SS316 3000LB at $65/pc for Southeast Asia. 63mm. Diamètre nominal. Equal socket, half socket, faced socket and backnut dimensions (BS1740:Part 1) Nominal Size of Outlets Outside Diameter min Standard Socket Length min Pipe Joints and Elements for High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pressure Pipelines, Types 1 and 2; Injection Moulded Sockets and Caps for Socket-welding, Dimensions DIN 16963-11:1999 Pipe joints and components of polyethylene (PE) for pipes under pressure, PE 80 and PE 100 - Part 11: Flange adapters, flanges, sealing rings for socket welding BSP Screwed Reducing Socket. 1 Pc BSP Female Bush Connector. Socket weld fittings are used in high pressure piping systems and are available in grade 316L to suit schedule 80S wall thickness piping. 00 – $ 36. 049 0. 304 4 1/8 28 0. 3: 26: 1/2" 26. Carbon Steel Socket Weld Fittings: A-105, S/W &SCRD (NPT / BSP / BSPT) Mild Steel Socket Weld Fitting: IS BS ASTM ANSI B16. Socket weld and threaded fittings are available in multiple shapes (elbows, tees, caps, adapters, couplings, etc), sizes (bore sizes between 1/8 and 4 inches, and ratings as 2000#, 3000#, 6000#, 9000#) and material grades (the most common are ASTM A105, ASTM A350 LF1/2/3/6 for low-temperatures, ASTM 182 for corrosive, high-temperature applications). 1/2 x 1/4. st. BSP thread form stands for British Standard Pipe and is common in Australia and the commonwealth countries. Add to cart. Pressure rating up to 150lb. 316 stainless steel fittings manufactured to BS 1740. 01 30211917 UNSPSC 7. The versatile range is made from high performance, UV resistant polypropylene that does not absorb moisture. Transitions (square to round, rectangular to round) with socket or flanged connections available per customer specifications. 00 121. All threads are qualified and fittings are acid cleaned to ensure they are free from swarf and contaminants. 5 B=45 50mm A=65. offers Carbon Steel Fittings and 316 Stainless Steel Fittings, in various sizes. 518 10mm 3/8” 16. We are recognized in the industry for offering a qualitative assortment of Stainless Steel Fix Socket. Size, Diameter, Length. The BSPT being wider at the opening will allow the NPT thread to 2 Inch threaded BSP socket, WRAS approved, Fully compatible with other industrial PVCU and UPVC plastic pressure systems, available next day from UK stocks. NPS 1/8 - NPS 30; Dimensions and Weights of Pipes ASTM A53/A53M. 00 24. Get all your Whitworth tools, BSC, British Cycle, British Standard Fine, BSF, King Dick, Everest & Koken parts from British Tools & Fasteners. Inch (NPS), mm (DN), Fem, 150LB   BSP threads to BS 21. For example a 1/4W wrench is the same size as a 5/16BS (British Standard) wrench, and it is . bsso half 20. System can be glued and screwed together. ASME B16. Hex Nipple · Reducing Hex Nipple · Reducing Bush · Plug · Socket · Reducing Socket · Female Elbow · Male-Female Elbow · Female Tee · Cap · Male Hose Tail . 30 max . 50. Figure 5 shows a male NPT tightened into a BSPP. Straight External Threaded Pipe Nipple 1/2 BSP . 1/8"—6" Certificate. 01932 250100 Fax: 01932 250101 E-mail: Marketing@amari-metals. Across. 1, BS 21, ISO 7 . Learn about Pipe Coupling Dimensions (Half Coupling & Full Coupling). L Overall Length Max. 1 ssemff25 1 29 46 0. Pressure of products. Nominal. 80. ENQUIRE SIZE: PRICE: 3mm. BSP Socket 150lb Stainless Steel Grade 316. The standard  NPT, ISO/BSP, and SAE threads Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change. Hexagon Nipple. Below dimensions are a guide only, and may vary depending on manufacturer. Nominal Pipe Size. There are two types of BSP threads, Tapered (BSPT) and parallel (BSPP). 728mm 0. 00 L60. Browse our range including elbows, flanges, Nipples and NPT-BSP Adapters. In Stock. Thread Thread I. BSP thread is a standard thread type used extensively across the globe for plumbing connections. Just to confuse things, often the T in BSPT refers to Thread and doesn't indicate either Taper or Parallel. 2. com. 00. 50 . galvanised malleab. 2, ISO 228 British Standard Pipe threads are similar in function to NPT threads , but are generally not interchangeable. More Info. All of our BSP threaded fittings are checked with calibrated gauges during manufacture. Material: 316 SS. Choose the right BSP (British Standard Pipe) fittings with this chart of BSPP and BSPT thread dimensions for male and female hydraulic port connections. 516-0. Filter by attribute. These stainless steel fittings are suitable for use in applications such as petrochemical, water distribution, paper production, marine, and food and beverage. 00 BSP FITTINGS 316 - 150LB PRESSURE RATING Fax In addition to our stock of BSP fittings, is a complete range of Forged High Pressure 3000LBS fittings in socket weld and NPT threaded from 1” – 2”. Size 1/8" to 4" BSP. Reducing Socket. Trademarks identified with products listed on this website are the property of their respective owners, not FastenersClearingHouse. 00 AUD 80mm - $28. A BSP does not directly access hardware. 4: 15: 3/4" 1. Cap. com By Keyword By Item # By IMPA/ISSA Code The SO_BSP_STATE socket option works with IPv6 or IPv4 sockets (the AF_INET6 and AF_INET address families). SMITHCOOPER. A collection of parts we have modelled in house based on the AAP Australia catalogue of threaded BSP Socket. 32 NY 100mm BSP Socket, NY 15mm BSP Socket, NY 20mm BSP Socket, NY 25mm BSP Socket, NY 32mm BSP Socket, NY 40mm BSP Socket, NY 50mm BSP Socket, NY 65mm BSP Socket, NY 80mm BSP Socket BSP SOCKET Size: 00mm - 00mm $ 1. 1, BS 21, ISO 7 BSPP is BRITISH STANDARD PIPE PARALLEL – Thread form per AS 1722. S. Stainless steel is to BS 316 S11 (EN 1088-3 1-440). Great for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Basic Pitch Diameter At Socket Face 1/16 0. Socket length. Pressure Rating up to 20 BAR (300 PSI) Female threads are BSPP to ISO 228-1. d3: Thread Height H1: Rounding Jul 24, 2013 · 1. Brand. The new BSPF screw thread designation caused a different confusion in the pipe industry when it was associated with the ANSI Dry-seal taper pipe 1/4-19 x 8 hex socket pipe plug, bspt tapered external pipe thread, m7 hex socket drive, 19 threads per inch, din 906. Quality controller visual check surface and marking, and measure the size. Sockets are available in deep, semi-deep and standard sizes. 11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799 SS 316 Socket weld Fittings, Threaded Fittings for quick delivery to Our Clients. (Threads per Inch) ISO 228, DIN 259, BS2779, JIS B0202 In Japan this thread is known as (PF) Use prefix G for parallel thread. External MALE threads are tapered and Internal FEMALE threads are parallel. 44. BSW Whitworth Socket Cap Screw Grade-X(12. s. 5 x 100 mm, 2-component grip, with non-slip grip Terminal marking Zack marker strip - ZB 6:UNBEDRUCKT - 1051003 Stainless Steel Socket BSP – Grade 316 Features BSP Threaded Ends Working Pressure: 150lbs (psi) / 10bar Working Temperature: 250°C at 10bar Dimensions: 6mm A=15 B=18 8mm A=18 B=24. These fittings are manufactured according to ASME / ASTM SA/A 182 with dimensions to ASME B16 – Stock of unions, caps, plugs, tees, reducing tees, 90° and 45° Elbows, full couplings, half BSP 'P' FEMALE stainless steel fitting available in the following sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 3/4, 1, 1. Figure 6 shows an NPT tightened into a BSPT. 50. SD These items are available in BW, NPT, BSP or SW. 4mm 11/32 inch: 21/64" 1/4: 19: 0. 25mm. 37495 3/4" BSP Half Socket, Schedule 80, Mild Steel, 3000lbs Threaded 1 for sizes up to 2” Philmac threaded fittings hold AS/NZS 4020 suitable for potable water British Tools & Fasteners sells British sized tools, nuts, bolts, taps and dies for English cars and motorcycles. Suitable for Natural gas, LPG, hot and cold water, and other applications. 80 excl GST Select options. 9mm. Ea. Shank. Typical sizes and uses are : 1/4 Inch BSP - Compressed air connections. Function Socket. Specifications 1. BSPT - British Standard Pipe Taper threads & BSP or BSPF - British Standard Pipe Dimensions - Sizes and dimensions of pipes and tubes, and their fittings  Importantly, Philmac threaded fittings are suitable for working pressures up to PN16 for sizes up to 2”, PN12 for 2-1/1” and PN10 for 3” and 4” sized fittings. These fittings are manufactured according to ASME / ASTM SA/A 182 with dimensions to ASME B16 – 11. 8 mm: 11. Flats. Go back. Tee. enlarge. BSP Screwed Reducing Socket × Part Number: FMG-SOC-50-40: Material: Galvanized Malleable Iron: Thread: BSP: Thread Size: 2" x 1 BSP Size: Diameter of the thread (mm) Typical products you might find: 3/8" 15. BSP FEMALE ( fixed)  Browse Male Plug Thread BSP Parallel in the World Wide Metric, Inc. 1/2, 2, 2. Remi. 28253 1/8 0. D. BSP Size : A=O/D: B= Length: Inches: mm: mm: 1/8" 14: 7: 1/4" 18. 00 AUD 25mm - $5. 005 1/4” 11. Material. add all items to basket for combined postage (on all items in shop) please check your size as bsp size is not the physical size. Max. 00 53. 25”). $4. catalog including Item #,Size & Pitch,BOverall Length,CHex, Across Flats,DNominal Diameter, Ref Product Dimensions A B Kgs; 1/8” 17. 150 p. 30. BSP Male Seat Metric Socket Weld Types of BSPP thread 60 degree cone fittings: with or without o-ring, male or swviel female connector. Dec 08, 2018 · BSP is divided into two types. Here’s how to determine pipe size by simply measuring the OD. 2 39121516 Approvals Approvals Approvals UL Recognized / cUL Recognized / GOST / GL / cULus Recognized Ex Approvals Approvals submitted Approval details UL Buy this blue Nylon BSP Reducing Socket in various sizes. Good range of glue socket pipe fittings and threaded bsp connections. Weld Fittings BSP Pipe Fittings UK. The semi-deep size is designed specifically for 3/8" DR. CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS. Product Dimensions A B Kgs 1/8” 7. 5 mm NPS 1 to NPS 2 = +/- 2 mm BSP Female-Female Socket Adapter. 11 SS Socket Weld Coupling Fittings, Steel Forged Socket Weld Coupling, ANSI B 16. 33: 0. Size 1/8" to 4" BSP Function Socket Body 316 Stainless Steel. 3 ssemff40 1 1/2 37 55 0. Reducing sockets BSP female Diameters in this CAD library: 1/4 Inch - 4 Inch. 00 AUD 20mm - $3. The across-flats definition is the common standard today, and has been for many decades. NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION OF COMPRESSED AIR OR GAS Page 688 Due to Material Cost Variations, Prices Subject to Change. add to cart. 150 pound pressure rating. Diameter. 140 0. (Bag) Quantity: Carton Quantity: 91709: RXRHS1006: 3/8 x 1/8: 10: 91710: RXRHS1008: BSP Threaded Socket FI BSP Threaded Tee Female Dimensions Socket weld Elbows 90°/45°-NPS 1/2 – 4 according to ASME B16. Size: 00mm - 00mm $ 3. BSP Union Dimensions. Inches. 41. 0901 39121516 UNSPSC 11 39121516 UNSPSC 12. Our range of BSP (British Standard Pipe) low pressure threaded fittings are manufactured with quality and cost efficiency in mind. Elbow 90°. 633. i. 00 AUD 150mm - $158. geordi. Sizes range from 60. 5+ 56t 35 . 6mm. 00 AUD 50mm - $12. These 150lb Class fittings are all BSP threaded (female are parallel, male are tapered) and are designed for use in low pressure applications. 9: Shower hose, valves that screw into sink or basin taps, the rigid tails on basin taps, UK flexitail connectors: 3/4" 26. Steel Weld Socket. S/S 100mm Socket, S/S 15mm Socket, S/S 20mm Socket, S/S 25mm Socket, S/S 32mm Socket, S/S 40mm Socket, S/S 50mm Socket, S/S 65mm Socket, S/S 80mm Socket. Designed with female thread and hexagonal shape. Agricultural machinery and main Field Irrigation systems. 50 13. Product Data. Bore. 32mm stainless steel bore   723 0. An ideal item for wedge anchor, threaded rod, threaded pipe, etc. These BSP and BSPT fittings are available ex stock in sizes ranging from 1/8″ to 2″ and have a safe working pressure of 150psi. BSP will mate with Parallel or Taper threads. 00 13. BSPP is BRITISH STANDARD PIPE PARALLEL THREAD – Thread form per AS 1722. 6 mm Letter drill G 1/8: 28: 0. 00 AUD 40mm - $10. SKU: SF73 Size 1/8" to 2" BSP Inch Series Socket Pressure Plugs Flush type (7/8 Taper) Nominal Size D Nominal O. 50 0. F, B. The size number was originally based on the inner diameter measured in inches (25. To place an order, call MOCAP at 800. BSP Adapt- ers. 11 45° ELBOW We are one of the reputed names that is engaged in manufacturing and exporting an exhaustive range of pipe fittings that is used for diverse industry verticals. WELB. Manufactured to ISO 4144. 70 excl GST Select options. Stock Code Description Price (ex VAT) Qty; HS2: 1/8" Half Socket BSP 150lb Stainless Steel 316: £0. Thickness. 108 11/4” 45. BSP threads to BS 21. In North America NPT, JIC and ORFS pipe threads are common. View our conversion chart to find out what size heavy hex nut that you need for your job. Butt-weld End – SCH40 / SCH80 / SCH160 / XXS. 29NB1004. socketif there is a size not l. Prochem offers only the highest quality fittings, and by utilising a reduced tolerance, ensures fittings will go together every time. 662mm 0. 5 Black or hot-dip galvanize seamless or res-welded steel pipe suitable for coiling, bending, flanging, & other special purposes, suitable for welding. Reducing Socket Female/Female-Galvanised. Size. DIMENSIONS SOCKET WELD REDUCING COUPLINGS – 6000 LBS – NPS 1/2 – 2 ACCORDING TO ASME B16. ENQUIRE BSP 150lbs Pipe Fittings. The spring illustrated below measures 216mm (8 ½”) in length and 30mm in diameter. Manufacturing specification: ASTM A182M (Class 3000 NPT and socket weld) and ASME B16. Left hand threads available upon request. Nickel Alloy Pipe Nipples/ BSP Threaded Pipe Nipples / Hex Nipples : Dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated. 75mm: 19/32" 37/64" 1/2: 14: 0 BSP FITTINGS – DATA SHEETS : BSPP to plain ended adaptor 316 (D6095 V02) BSPT hex reducing bush 316 (D6108 V02) BSPT hex nipple 316 (D6107 V02) BSP female elbow 90 degree 316 (D6109 V02) BSPT weld nipple 316 (D6102 V04) BSP female equal tee 316 (D6110-01 V02) BSP female equal socket 316 (D6104 V02) Female hex union 316 (D6006 V02) BSP Half Socket 150lb Stainless Steel Grade 316. galvanised steel iron socket. 06 . 90 0. 250 0. 021 3/8” 25. 907 7. 11 SS316 BSP Socket Inspection. Purchase the unique quantity you need from FMW Fasteners today. Socket Weld fittings general. (4) Dimensions of BSP and PT are available if required. 723 0. In the modern standard metric version, it is simply a size number, where listed BSP is BRITISH STANDARD PIPE THREAD– Also known as Whitworth 55° Thread Form . Please click here for our half socket or here for our reducing sockets. Free Shipping On $100 Orders Two spanners, both nominal size ​ 5⁄8 in, with a diagram superimposed to show the logic that allows them both to be nominal size ​ 5⁄8 in when their actual sizes are clearly different (across-flats distance vs screw diameter). 25″bsp, 1. The standard defines the number of threads per inch (pitch) as well as the angle that each thread is engineered to. 1875 0. D 1”. 5: 25: 3/8" 21. 401 27 3/16 0. £1. 00 0. Min. WBOS. 70 0. 2, ISO 228 As a top class manufacturer of stainless steel forged fittings, Zizi exports threaded socket 1 1/2″ Class 3000 BSPP SS316 ASME B16. WP2130851,Janatics,One Touch Fittings,Male connector (Internal hexagon socket) Dia8x1/4,Standard,Straight,Male Connector (Internal Hexagon Socket),BSP,1/4,8 NPT/NPS threads have a 60° included angle and have flattened peaks and valleys (this is a Sellers thread form); BSP threads have a 55° included angle and have rounded peaks and valleys (this is a Whitworth thread form). 249mm 1. com Sockets - BS 1740 Note - The backnut is used with the faced socket for long screws. 150LB BSP Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings • Pressure Rating upto 10 BAR (150 PSI) • Sockets & Pipe Nipple to 50 BAR (250 PSI) • Female threads are BSPP (Parallel) to ISO 228-1 • Male Threads are BSPT (Taper) to ISO 7-1 • 316 (CF8M) stainless steel • Investment castings • Sizes 1/8″ to 4″ Size. Characteristics of BSPT taper threads: tapered thread 1 o 47' truncation of roots and crests are rounded; 55 o 10mm 3/8" Socket BSP Stainless Steel 316 150lb. 00 16. BSP threads to ISO 7-1. 525 inches across the flats, or 13. Out of stock. 383 8mm ¼” 13. Rating: 150lb BSP. 3/8 x 1/8. 5/8" x 1/2" x 3/4" Outside Tap Connector / Garden Hose Fitting Adaptor. Stainless Steel Socket Weld Coupling Stockists, ASME B 16. au BSPT Male BSPT Female Male 24° Cone, DIN 2353 Female Metric Tube Female 24° Cone with O-Ring Female Universal 24° or 60° Cone Thread O. 5 out of 5 stars 41 $15. ) Female Socket Weld On (Seal incl. 7/16. of the male thread and a socket or nipple face, with the tightening of a backnut. For example, a BSP parallel male thread measures out to O. 1 inch to 3 inch nb. 2 : 1. We offer a huge range of stainless steel fittings from stock. The next step in identifying your thread type is to determine the pitch size. 5 a b 45° We Provide a Large Selection of Stainless Steel 316 Forged Fittings Available in 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Fittings in Best Quality. British Standard Pipe Fittings (BSP Threads). Different materials & grades possible All BSP Sockets will be surfaced with Anti-rust oil before delivery. The ID varies because wall thickness varies. Choose from our selection of BSPP-to-NPT pipe fitting adapters, including over 250 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. Wall. ASTM/ASME A105/SA105 The dimensions for forged carbon steel fittings conform to ASME B16. 193 2” 54. 00 30. 485 3” 69. Description: 316 Stainless Steel threaded BSP Socket. 11-2009 (Revision of ASME B16. 00 50. 9 SS Threaded Socket Weld Coupling Pipe Fittings ManufacturerBest Dealer & Exporter BSPT Male BSPT Female Male 24° Cone, DIN 2353 Female Metric Tube Female 24° Cone with O-Ring Female Universal 24° or 60° Cone Thread O. Hexagon socket screw plug G(BSP) thread. Bore Diameter (D) – Maximum and Minimum dimensions. 27 to 1. Relay socket - PLC-BSP- 24DC/21 - 2967219 Accessories Screwdriver - SZF 1-0,6X3,5 - 1204517 Actuation tool, for ST terminal blocks, also suitable for use as a bladed screwdriver, size: 0. 1/2, 3. Female threads are BSPP (Parallel) Male threads are BSPT (Taper) 150 psi pressure rating. au Email: sales@geordi. 656 15mm ½” 20. Threaded (NPT or PT Type), Socket-Weld, Butt-welding Size NPS 1/8”~4” DN 6~100 Rating Pressure Threaded End – 2000 / 3000 / 6000 LBS. Anzor stock a wide range of quality BSP & NPT Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings - For more details call 0508 426 967 or order online. 0mm thread pitch, and larger sizes can be 2. Product dimensions, finish, head markings, thread length, stamping shape or forging shape, etc. 5 65mm A=81. A Socket Weld is a pipe attachment detail in which a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of a Valve, fitting or flange. 2mm: 29/64" 7/16" 3/8: 19: 0. representative for information about additional sizes and. QRC-VV check valve ISO A -7241 Duo Check stucchi interchangeable for hydraulic application upto 350 bar wp in stainless steel SS 304, SS316, carbon steel in 1/4 3/8 inch BSP brass female socket. Sizes range from 1/8” to 4” in 316 stainless steel. 20. Socket With Shutter. 11 Dimensions and Weights (full) ASME B36. BSP Full Socket 316 to ISO 4144 Size Imperial Qty. Copper. Union. British Standard Pipe Thread. ISO,API. Product Dimensions A B Kgs; 1/8” 17. BSPP Thread Chart Dimensions Calculator to show British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread form thread dimensions where pressure-tight joints are not made on the threads. Thread Size - Imperial 1/2" BSP 1/4" BSP (2) 1/8" BSP (2) Nominal Size (inch x inch) Min. 00 AUD Internal Threaded Pipe Socket 3/4 BSP . French equipment often have GAZ fine threads with a 24 degree cone. Shaw carries a full line of threaded and socket weld fittings in 304 and 316 stainless. Add to Compare. : ASME B16. 92 (inc GST) $131. Socket Bore (B) - Maximum and Minimum dimensions. Adaptors are available from male or female BSP and also NPT to clamp, flange, IDF, RJT, DIN or SMS. We offer a huge range of BSP'P' FEMALE stainless steel fittings from stock. 36. 00 47. 00 Smaller sizes can be 1. 31mm. ENQUIRE ENQUIRE. 001. 3 ssemff50 2 42 60 0. 383 4 6 10. 5 B=63. British Standard Pipe (BSP) thread is a standard thread type used extensively across the globe for plumbing connections (but not in North America). 5 25 - 1/4"BSP Half Socket 18. BSPT is BRITISH STANDARD PIPE TAPER THREAD – Thread form per AS 1722. 441mm 1. 518: 11. 18mm. au 2. This Product has been approved for Locker Pickup service, but final compliance will be subject to weight and size limits for the quantity ordered Vendible Item The item is tested and deemed vendible in the following vending machines as the EA and/or Package Quantity. 3. 34mm. Imperial PVC BSP Threaded Socket. 37495 To find the thread size: 1) Measure the O. Other variations occur. Round Nut. 260 270 A wide range of grade 316 Stainless Steel fittings are available in both BSP and NPT thread forms including Hex Nipples, Weld Nipples, Barrel Nipples, Hex Plugs, Caps, Sockets and Elbow Fittings. for your size. (10 bar) maximum working pressure. Size - Nominal: Socket Round: Nipple Hex: Nipple: Nipple: BSP/NPT: Inch (NPS) mm (DN) 150LB: 3000LB: TBE: TOE: Hex Cross 3000LB 316: 2205: 316: 316/316L: 316: 316 BSPP Full Socket 150LB 316 Stainless Steel BSPP Full Socket 150LB 316 Manufactured to ISO 4144. fastenerdata makes no warranties or representations regarding the We supply a range of high quality socket weld pipe fittings for any industrial or home application at affordable prices. Threads Per Inch J Hex Socket Size T Key Engagement Min. 00 95. Socket-weld End – 3000 / 6000 / 9000 LBS. Reducing socket BSP (DIN259) female - 3D CAD download file Available sizes: 3/8 Inch up to 4 Inch CAD file types: step, dwg, catia, ipt Alex Sahrawy Cad model Our threaded fittings operate at 80°C working temperature and will work at 10 bar at 20°C. , may 3/8"-19 x 3/4" BSP Thread Socket Pipe Plug Alloy Steel. Buy Now. Select from a variety of sizes and materials. 29NB1206. You can determine the size of pipe threads (NPT/NPTF, BSPT, BSPP) by measuring the outer diameter and comparing it with the profile, or in other words, by subtracting ¼ inch. Tube O. 1/8 BSP 316 SOCKET (NB6) BSPS6003. 8 mm 8. Add to Cart. 057 1” 41. However, BSPT threads are tapered and BSPP threads are straight (parallel). Test Thread with Go-No Stainless Steel BSP Socket, Size: 1 inch to 3 inch nb. 165 11/2” 45. Socket weled : 3000LB 6000LB 9000LB (sch80 sch160 xxs) Threaded : 2000LB 3000LB 6000LBS (sch80 sch160 xxs) Size. ) Female Socket x Table Pipe Plugs - BSPT Standard Pipe Plugs - BSPT Standard Pipe Plugs - BSPT Standard Progressive Pressure Plugs are premium quality forged to meet consistent and accurate installation requirements. 037 27 5/32 0. Add to cart . 11: Socket weld fittings Size: 1/4" NB TO 4" NB BSPT Connections BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread) is similar to NPT except there are important differences. British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT) Threads Size Chart Thick‐ ness [mm] 1/16 28 0. While a ruler could be used to calculate the pitch size, a pitch gauge is highly recommended as pitch sizes can be very similar. British Standard Pipe (BSP) BSP Tapered (BSPT) The BSPT (tapered) male will mate with a BSPT (tapered) female, or a BSPP (parallel British Standard Pipe Parallel or Taper BSP or BSPT; Nominal Size (inches) T P I Major Diameter (inches) Tapping Drill Size Tapping Drill Size BSP: BSPT 1/16: 28: 0. N. Price: $144. D (outer diameter) of the BSP thread. 75mm: 19/32" 37/64" 1/2: 14: 0 BSP Elbows 90 FF: BSP Elbows 90 MF : BSP Elbows 45 FF : BSP Elbows 45 MF : BSP Tee Pieces: BSP Reducing Sockets : BSP Crosses: BSP Y-pieces: BSP Sockets : BSP Half Sockets : BSP Plugs: BSP Caps: BSP Backing Nuts: BSP Unions FF : BSP Adaptors : BSP Unions MF : BSP Hose Tails Male : BSP Hose Tails Female between NPT and BSP. Browse BSPT Hex Socket Pressure Plug in the Precision Fittings, Inc. 1/4 BSP 316 SOCKET (NB8) BSPS6006. 00 65. 009 1/4” 24. Pipe thread sizes – BSP Threads A list of 15 thread sizes are defined by the standards, ranging from 1/16” to 6”. Taper Threads. Stainless Steel Couplings are used in creating tanks, vessels, or reservoirs that can accommodate BSP or NPT Threaded Fittings. 95. 25″ screwplugs Examples of some of the various screwplug sizes available, these are undrilled, therefore can be used as a blanking plate or for our customers who are unsure of their requirements, to screw into their socket before anything is manufactured bespoke. 38mm. Socket Weld & Threaded types Couplings of 3000 pound & 6000-pound coupling dimensions. 3000 & 6000 PSI Rating. 49 40. Steelmor stocks a full range of BSP stainless steel fittings including Ball valves, Elbows, Hose nipples, Reducing bushes, Barrel nipples, Sockets, Plugs and Unions. For example, copper pipe that measures 5/8 inch OD, is called 1/2-inch pipe. In contrast to buttweld fittings, Socket Weld fittings are mainly used for small pipe diameters (Small Bore Piping); generally for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller. Dimensions are in accordance with the American standard ASME spec B16. The size is available in 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ and 3″. 11 ISO 4144 (BSP dimensions) Pipe Flanges SIZE MATERIAL END CONNECTION SEALS PRESSURE RATING 1/2" – 1" (DN15 – DN25) PVC Socket x Socket Socket x Thread Thread x Thread FPM or EPDM 150 PSI @ 70°F non-shock CPVC PP Thread x Thread DIMENSIONS – INCHES / MILLIMETERS DIMENSIONS – INCHES / MILLIMETERS DIMENSIONS – INCHES / MILLIMETERS SIZE in / DN A in / mm B in / mm C in / mm D 1/2" Stainless Steel 150 lb Screwed Half Socket BSP F. Example: 1/8 BSP taper (BSPP) thread = R1/8 • Female threads: BSP parallel: G followed by the designation Dimensions are for reference only and subject to change without notice. Additional information. catalog including Item #,A - Thread Size,L1,CH1,Material 732. 11 classes: * -3000-6000 sizes: * 1/2 " up to 4 " materials: * carbon steelastm a105n * stainless steel astm a182-f304l & 316l* low temperature carbon steel type: * socket weld ( sw) * theraded ( npt, bsp) jual forget GESHATEN 1/2” G Thread (BSP) Female to 1/2” NPT Male Connector, Brass BSP to NPT Adapter 1/2 Inch, Industrial Metal Brass G Thread to Pipe Fittings Connect (2 Pack) 4. Although a BSP does provide an interface to device drivers which in turn allows the kernel to communicate with the hardware's B 60,000 35,000 28 long. Reducing Nipple. 3/4" X 3/8" BSP. For full product information and dimensions please download our product spec sheet. 78. A, A. BSP SOCKET. Downloads; Videos. 500. D measurement (in inches) and subtract 1/4 inch (. 907 9. BSP Screwed Reducing Socket. 058 max 32t 16. Covering the complete size range (from 6 (1⁄8″) to 50 (2″) NPT) in stainless steel with sizes up to 100 (4″) NPT available on request. Male BSP Nipple. Dia. 14. Boss. 20 bsp blk. Weld Socket used in fabrication. Thread: according to EN 10226-1 (EX ISO 7-1) Cylindric female thread Taper 1:16 on diameter Angle of threads 55° Maximum operating pressure 150 lbs = 10,34 Bar PN 10 CORPORATE OFFICE TEL (800) 766-0076 LOCAL (323) 890-4455 FAX (323) 890-4456 WWW. 1/2 sock. 6: Small caravan taps, European size flexitail connectors: 1/2" 20. PENNUSA. Imperial Sizes. 8 BAR at 23°C (200 psi at 73°F) Made in the U. 235 0. 3D Model (view #1) A BSP is the kernel’s interface to device drivers A Board Support Package (BSP) provides a standardized interface between hardware and the operating system. BSP Screwed Socket × Part Number: SS16S015: Material: 316 Stainless Steel: Thread: BSP: Thread Size: 1/2" Working Pressure: 300 PSI: Not black malleable iron bspt half socket. Metre (kg/m). Blue Nylon BSP Reducing Socket. Application BSP 1/2 inch Socket (Coupling) T316 (A4) Stainless Steel (half an inch BSP) British Standard Pipe Thread Thread: according to EN 10226-1 (EX ISO 7-1) Cylindric female thread Taper 1:16 on diameter Angle of threads 55° Maximum operating pressure 150 lbs = 10,34 Bar PN 10 BSP Threaded Fittings from The Metal Company. W, B. Our BSP'P' Full Socket fitting is manufactured in the UK by our highly experienced engineers and available form stock in 316 stainless steel. Mass per. COM All dimensions are in inches • Weights are based on Carbon Steel Active Model 3D Welding Gap and Minimum Flat Dimension For Socket Weld Fittings . 4: 34: 3/4" The size number was originally based on the inner diameter (measured in inches) of a steel tube for which the thread was intended, but contemporary pipes tend to use thinner walls to save material, and thus have an inner diameter larger than this nominal size. (mm) Page 60. Our Grade 316 BSP Screwed Reducing Sockets come with a standard British Standard Pipe thread extensively used across the globe for plumbing connections especially in Australia. 709 4” 81. 5. 00 20. A thread’s pitch size is the number of threads per inch or the distance between threads on metric thread types. BSP'P' Half Socket. 40 0. 337 13. 1 B=54. Standard of BSPP fittings catalogue is based on ISO 8434-6 and BS 5200. FIP. 041" Thickness: 0. 5 Weldable Malleable Iron Female Sockets Sizes from 1/8" - 4" Available. I. stainless steel fitting available in the following sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 3/4, 1, 1. If critical please contact us. Browse our range online. 029 1/2” 32. 00 82. From $2. BLACK MALLEABLE IR. 53 2. 1/4, 1. British Parallel Pipe (BSP) adapters can be found on imported equipment, and we carry a large stock of fittings to mate with your hydraulic tools. BSP fittings are made only in type 316. The comprehensive range includes plugs, bushes, nipples, sockets, tees, elbows, tank outlets, MF elbows and caps. Hexagon internal socket drive threaded plugs NPTF 3/4 Taper Socket Taper Pressure Pipe Plugs Stainless-Steel B1. Please Note: Not all sizes are necessarily from stock. May 14, 2020 · British Whitworth Size and Number Reference: You can use the size table on this page to find the size of the Whitworth tool you need. Constructed of brass material in gold tone for durability. 50 1. 75 (exc GST). Dimensional tolerances laying lengths - (E & F) NPS 1/2 and NPS 3/4 = +/- 1. Socket wall thickness - (C) - Average of Socket wall thickness. Code In Stock Inch Size Metric Size Grade A B COST QTY Subtotal; NPTBSPSS06: 1/4" 8NB: 316: 18: 24. BSP (British Standard Pipe) and NPT (National Pipe Thread) fittings are generally available from 1/8” up to 4” sizes (dimensions in accordance with BS 1740) and are manufactured in 316 stainless steel. 36: 0. NPT-BSP Socket Adapter Stainless Steel Grade 316 Features. 3000 PSI Rating. Five complete threads plus a sealing lip provide a tight fit and secure seal. 60° Cone. Sizes: 15NB to 80NB. 8 Sockets – to Connect Male to Male Ends Mega Nr. catalog including Item #,A - Thread Size,L1,CH1,CH2,Material 732. Weldable Malleable Iron Female Sockets Sizes from 1/8" - 4" Available. BSP REDUCING SOCKET Size: 00mm - 00mm $ 2. 00 1. Because of the smaller size of the BSPP and the pitch difference, the NPT tightens with only a few turns. 11 for Southeast Asia. Whitworth tools can be difficult to identify. 00 37. TW-B. 131 Herald St Cheltenham 3192 Victoria. 6. WCAP. Example: 1/8 BSP parallel thread = G1/8 • BSP Taper (BSPT): R followed by the denomination, according to standard ISO 7-1. 150 bsp blk. View Details. British Standard Pipe (BSP) BSP Tapered (BSPT) The BSPT (tapered) male will mate with a BSPT (tapered) female, or a BSPP (parallel Choose from our selection of BSPT-to-NPT pipe fitting adapters, including brass and bronze pipe and pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings, and more. 2 ssemff32 1 1/4 33 51 0. Our BSP 'P' Half Socket fitting is manufactured in the UK by our highly experienced engineers and available form stock in 316 stainless steel. Usually we manufacture the Class 3000 threaded union according to MSS SP-83. any reducing fittings (bush, nipple, socket) please order the larger size needed, then please state size to reduce to in note box or send message. 656: 15. 309 In addition to our stock of BSP fittings, is a complete range of Forged High Pressure 3000LBS fittings in socket weld and NPT threaded from 1” – 2”. METRIC : A  British Standard Pipe is the standard thread used on plumbing fittings across most of the world (but not in North America). catalog including Item #,Size & Pitch,BOverall Length,CHex, Across Flats,DNominal Diameter, Ref British Standard Pipe Parallel or Taper BSP or BSPT; Nominal Size (inches) T P I Major Diameter (inches) Tapping Drill Size Tapping Drill Size BSP: BSPT 1/16: 28: 0. Socket Weld (SW) fittings Male to female weld fittings; Low Pressure Cast Range of Pipe Fittings. I6. BSPP Full Socket 150LB 316. Type(2). Add to basket. 00 60. Web: www. 472 0. 531" Wrench Size/Across Flats: 9/16" Thread Pitch: 14 Thread Pitch Type: BSP Thread Direction: Right System of Measurement: Inch Grade: 170 KSI Alloy Steel (Grade 9) Material: Alloy Steel Stainless BSP Sockets- Anzor Fasteners, Your Stainless Fastener Specialist - Contact us on 07 3711 9977 or brisbane@anzor. 11/BS 3799. 1  to dimensions, properties and/or fitness for any particular purpose Half Socket. Malone Specialty Inc. A 53 A 48,000 30,000 28 17. Search Product. 041 25mm 1” 33. Outside. WTEE In socketweld, BSP and NPT. (mm). 690 1. BSP Sockets. QRC-T coupling disconnect quick Through type for industrial application upto 350 bar working pressure in stainless steel SS 304, carbon steel , brass in 1/4" to 2" BSP-NPT thread sizes. Socket Head Plug. Dimensions are in accordance with the American standard ASME  Dimensions and pressures for reference only, subject to change. 5 million free CAD files from the largest collection of professional designers, engineers, manufacturers, and students on the planet. 01 39121516 UNSPSC 13. In stock and ready to ship. 1/8-27, 1/4" OAL, Brass Socket Pressure Plug 7/8" Taper per Foot, 3/16" Hex Key MSC# 75480020 Holo-Krome (11102) Importantly, Philmac threaded fittings are suitable for working pressures up to PN16 (1600 kPa, 235 psi) for sizes up to 2”, PN12 (1200kPa, 175 psi) for 2 ½” and PN10 (1000 kPa, 145 psi) for 3” to 4” sized fittings. BIGF. 0 EC001456 UNSPSC UNSPSC 6. COM ® Stainless Steel 150# Fittings Threaded & Socket Weld • BSP Parallel (BSPP): G followed by the denomination, according to standard ISO 228-1. 6000 PSI Rating. com By Keyword By Item # By IMPA/ISSA Code Socket Head Plug. A. MOCAP Sealing Plugs for BSP Threads are designed to protect British Standard Pipe Fittings from moisture, dust and damage during production, shipping and storage. BSP Screwed Socket. 4: Bath tap rigid tails, valves that fit into bath taps: 1" 33. 383: 8. 157 0. 80 0. Browse Plug with Exagon Socket Head Thread BSP Taper in the World Wide Metric, Inc. 4: 15: 3/4" size. If specific dimensions are required consult factory. sizes NPT, ISO/BSP, and SAE threads 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, 6-Moly, Alloy 625, Alloy 825, and Alloy 2507 ASM provides fastener specifications & SAE dimensions including tolerances, thread dimensions, machine screw specs, tap sizes, & length tolerances. Transitions to dis-similar materials also available. 1/4" Type I, Class 2, Sockets, Single and Double Hexagon Part Number * If there’s no bolt clearance hole due to specific design, this size cannot be measured. WSOC. BSP Fittings Premium quality Polypropylene threaded fittings from ½” to 4” Philmac’s robust threaded fittings provide precision BSP tapered threads that have been engineered to maximise sealing performance. 12 trans. 5 11 - BSPP: British Standard Pipe Parallel -also known as "G" or "Rp" threads Both styles have the same thread angle, shape, and pitch (threads per inch). Flanges BSP female DIN-2566 PN10/PN16 We are your one stop source for all of your pipe fittings and adapters needs. Use threaded fittings with our rigid tubing for your high-pressure applications. 3 · Inch Socket Round Head Parallel Pipe Plugs Brass DIN908G dimensional data and technical information shown on the fastenerdata website is in the public domain and has not been acquired through the standards  (mm). 2300 Email: sales@worldwidemetric. 5 10mm A=21 B=26 15mm A=25 B=33 20mm A=31. Socket Weld and Threaded Fittings 7-31 Aalco Tel. BSP threads have a 55° included angle and have rounded peaks and valleys (this is a Whitworth thread form). Size (1) Dimensions in Millimeters. 25" 41. They are in safety package and combine with other goods in 20ft container. bss half 1/2. Manufactured from ASTM A312 pipe: socket, TBE and TOE Size - Nominal, Locknut, Half Sockets, Hose, Tube, BSP Skin. BSPP Thread Dimensions Calculator shows dimensions, tolerances and designation for fastening pipe threads for thread sizes from 1/16 to 6 according to ISO 228 - 1 standard. Show filters D. Sizes from ½" to 1". Request for a quote or contact us for all possibilities. 048 max . Produced in grade 316 stainless steel to BS1740 BSP fittings are rated to 150psi and the Sizes range from 1/8” – 4”, they are suitable for many applications where hygienic fittings are not required. Stainless Steel Reducing Nipple. £0. 3: 12: 1/2" 26. Menu. Relay socket - PLC-BSP- 24DC/ 1/ACT - 2967196 Classifications ETIM ETIM 5. Socket With Shutter: Yes. 1/4. Polished. 10 BSP Full Socket 316 to ISO 4144. The integer pointed to by optlen should originally contain the size of this buffer; on All the commonly used spanner and socket sizes,from 10BA up to 60mm with their decimal inch equivalents. Screwed Pipe Fittings to BS1740 –150lb Size Description A B C Size Description A B C 1/8"BSP Full Socket 14 17 - 1/8"BSP Half Socket 14 7 - 1/4"BSP Full Socket 18. size a b approx kg/pc ssemff15 1/2 21 40 0. Stock Code, Description, Price (ex VAT), Qty. Range: Elbows, Equal tees, Plugs, Sockets, Reducing bushes, Barrel nipples (all available only in 316). 11-2005) MSS – SP – 79, 83, 95, 97 A BSP Socket from pipe meets the standards of stainless steel BSP fittings and is available immediately. 4 2 1/4 19 1. 19 Pipes. 052 0. 1/8. Some NPT threads are similar to BSPT threads so if in doubt check origin of part. 304: 6. Usually marked: G size ISO. Check the size refer to pressure rate 3000# and American Standard. Search for: Search. Size BSPT: Thread Form Type: Major Diameter mm d=D: Pitch mm p: Threads per inch tpi: Pitch Diameter mm d2=D2: Minor Diameter Male Thd. Step 3 – Pitch Size. 18. 75″bsp, 2″”bsp, 2. bite-type or compression tube fittings supplied by Hydraulink suit a wide range of sizes and working Socket-weld fittings are manufactured by Hydraulink to suit metric and imperial hydraulic tube, and TUBEWELD X BSP MALE. 5. G Wall Thickness Min. 16. Can be applied and removed by hand, with a socket wrench, screwdriver or power tool. Your cart has been updated. 247. Maximum working pressure 750psi (50 bar). 2) Take the O. 7. 12mm. 11. Carbon Steel Threaded Fittings. Socket. 11 Standard. Mainspring/recoil spring; a suitable mainspring for the BSP machine gun can be acquired by stripping down a side lever grease applicator gun and removing the spring. Item # To Fit Thread Size Dim A (IN) Dim B (IN) Dim C (IN) 12- Point Socket Size D; BSP-1/4: G 1/4: 0. As the leading manufacturer of sockets and impact sockets, Tien-I provides the full range of sockets and customized metal processing parts. Availability. 3 1 – Piece Ball  BSPP Parallel Female threads to ISO 228/1; Fitting to ISO 4144. 1/8, 15, 20. 11 S/W & SCRD; Nickel Alloy Socket Weld Fittings: ASTM B366 S/W & SCRD; Non Ferrous Metal Socket Weld Fittings: IS BS ASTM S/W & SCRD; Socket weld fittings Dimension: ANSI B 16. NPT & BSP: Ends: Socket Weld, Screwed End: Available in different sizes and designs, these products are made using quality-approved material and latest technology 1/8 Inch BSPP Allen Key Head Carbon Steel Hydraulic Blanking Sump Plug BSP Adaptor from AFS-Hoses 1/8 BSP Allen Key Socket Socket Head Male Blanking Plug Hydraulic BSPP C/W 3869 Seal : 01245 321320 BSP Reducing Bush Stainless Steel 316L Fittings available in sizes from 3/8 x 1/8 to 4 x 3 inch - Request Quote via Online Ordering CALL US TODAY +27 11 021 8334 Navigation Our range of BSP (British Standard Pipe) low pressure threaded fittings are manufactured with quality and cost efficiency in mind. 518 6 8 13. View details. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us Toll Free at 888-Ace-Hose (223-4673) - we take pride in our ability to provide you with a wide variety of quality Female NPT X Male NPT Threaded Reducers in all of the popular sizes, finishes and materials - 150# Iron, 300# Iron, 150# Galvanized Iron, 150# 316 Adaptor union in PVC-U/stainless steel with solvent weld socket d and BSP threaded A316L stainless steel female end R with O-Ring in EPDM or FPM. All the physical dimensions remain same for all the variants of a particular size. 5 11 - 3/8"BSP Full Socket 21. 12 BSP Half Socket 150lb Stainless Steel Grade 316. Tees, Adapters and Reducers as well as Unions and BSP Ball Valves . view details. Suitable applications: Hot and   BSP Full Socket 316 to ISO 4144 BSP3000lb/6000lb; NPT 150lb/3000lb/ 6000lb; SOCKET WELD 150lb/3000lb/6000lb; HYDRAULIC & CONE SEAT; SPECIAL  Threaded (NPT or PT Type), Socket-Weld, Butt-welding. Sizes 1/8 to 3 inch are the most commonly used and thus the most readily available. 6775. 5 0. 125 0. Size: 1/2 Inches To 4 Inches. In addition to this, we are well-equipped with all the facilities that help us in producing quality products in less time. Use for water and chemicals. 3mm upto 159mm. Socket welding end and dimensions according to 6000 lbs. p. 00 AUD 65mm - $21. All Stainless Ltd. bss half 3/8. FORGED HIGH PRESSURE PIPE FITTINGS. 0. Socket Bore (B1 / B2) – Maximum and Minimum dimensions. 09 Metric Female parallel BSP to male parallel BSP thread Product A B D E G S number thread thread A/F BSP BSP 36 0598 11 1/ 4" / 8 BLACK Malleable Iron Fittings BSPT Reducing Pipe Fittings - SOCKET FEMALE X FEMALE . 1/4, 2. You can select the length most suitable for your working environment. All these fittings are compliant with the UNI ISO 228/1 standard. 157mm 0. 995mm 0. 5+ or 6. 3/8 Inch BSP - Central heating oil line connections, some European toilet cistern fill valves (not common in UK). Fastener Type: Socket Pipe Plug Size Description: 3/4"-14 x 3/4" Diameter/Nominal Size: 3/4" Length: 3/4" Outside Diameter: 1. Please contact us for pricing. Sand blasting, Galvanized. Step 5 150lb BSP Screwed Fittings, BSPP Female, Full Socket. Next day delivery of Inch BSP Threaded PVC Socket, WRAS approved and cross compatible with other industrial pressure pipe systems -UK Stockists. Dim. The angle across the flanks of threads (if you sliced the fitting in half long-ways and measured the angle from root to crest to root) is 55 degrees instead of 60 degrees as it is for NPT. 8. NPT has a 60° thread where the BSP has a 55° thread. 1/4" Stainless Steel 150 lb Screwed Half Socket BSP F. Size Range: 20mm through 63mm socket, actual “d” 1/2” through 2” BSP threaded Sockets: ISO 727 diameters (ASTM 2467 socket length) Threads - BSP: ISO 7/1 Pressure Rating: 13. The wire the spring is made from being 2mm in diameter. Bsp · Bspt · Metric Socket Head Plugs. 100mm: 1. 10 bsp blk. 9) BS2470 bs 2470 allen british standard whitworth Threaded fittings are sturdy and designed for permanent installation. . Elbow 45°. 00 AUD 100mm - $46. dimensional data and technical information shown on the fastenerdata website is in the public domain and has not been acquired through the standards agencies, it has been completed and compiled by fastenerdata and is for guidance only; where discrepancies are found they are subject to change without notice. If you were to slice the BSPT fitting in half, long ways, and measured the angle from the root crest to root, it would be 55 degrees instead of 60 degrees, as it is for NPT. F and MM bolt or nuts and can be used for example to find the next size up or down where a spanner (wrench in USA) or socket is too tight or loose on a fixing. Our GPB Series of Plastic Plugs for BSP Threads come in many sizes and are available for immediate shipment. Surface Treatment. 5+ 56t 35 (2) – (3) –. Sandvik offers a wide stock range of stainless, forged, socket weld half couplings according to ASTM A182 3000 lbs ASME B16. Class 3000 Threaded Union Dimensions. Pin Type: 2 Pin Socket, 3 Pin Socket, 4 Pin Socket. 5 80mm A=95 […] Inch Series Socket Pressure Plugs Flush type (7/8 Taper) Nominal Size D Nominal O. Dimensions: MSS SP79. BSP HALF SOCKET Reducing Sizes only available in machined style. BSP Size : A = O/D: B= Length: Inches: mm: mm: 1/8" 14: 17: 1/4" 18. Screwed Ends. 00 AUD 8mm - $2. 5: 11: 3/8" 21. Metric Name Imperial Name Actual Major Diameter in mm Between red arrows Actual Major Diameter in inches 6mm 1/8” 9. 3 3/8" TO 3/4" NB. These Adapters or Couplings are available in various configurations including, but are not limited to: Conversion Couplings for Metric Tubing to a JIC, BSPP Adapters, BSPT Couplings, Metric Adapters in a variety of configurations, Caps and Plugs in various thread sizes , JIC Adapters, NPT Dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated. Length. 5 B=45 40mm A=52. Sizes stocked range from 06 BSP (1/8") to 100 BSP (4"). Subtracting 1/4 gives a thread size of 3/4, also known as “dash” 12. 36. 36: HS4: 1/4" Half Socket BSP 150lb Stainless Looking for downloadable 3D printing models, designs, and CAD files? Join the GrabCAD Community to get access to 2. BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper), aka G or Rp BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel), aka R or Rc BSPT is very similar to NPT fitting with slight difference on the included angle (60 vs 55 in the case of NPT), while BSPP employs parallel threads and provides a seal via a bonded seal ring, which is sandwiched in-between a shoulder on the male fitting and the face stainless steel 316 grade bsp pipe fittings rated to 150lbs. Spec. Sizes from ½". This brass thread adaptor connects modern 3/4 inch BSP (Hozelock / Gardena type) garden hose pipe quick connect fittings to the outlet of your older outside bib tap. Half Socket. 70 – $ 49. 00 AUD 32mm - $7. Body 316 Stainless Steel. BS taper threads are also referred to as British Standard Taper Pipe, Pipe Taper or Conical Thread. (SF26). 15. BSP 36 0736 01 1/ 8"15 14 36 0736 02 1/ 4"22 19 36 0736 04 1/ 2"30 27 Straight Connector E A D Reducing Connector S E A B D G B Metric Female BSP thread Sealing washer should be ordered separately, see page 9. ± 2. We offer threaded couplings and reducers, elbows and nipples, reducers and bushings, bushings, tees and plugs, and bulkhead and manifolds. 00 AUD 15mm - $3. 728: 11 BLACK Malleable Iron Fittings BSPT Reducing Pipe Fittings - SOCKET FEMALE X FEMALE . British Standard Pipe(BSPP, BSPF) Thread Form r = Basic Radius = * 137329 p h = Basic Depth of Thread = *640327 p p = Pitch = 1/t. 00 AUD 10mm - $2. 1 ssemff20 3/4 25 45 0. HS2, 1/8" Half Socket BSP 150lb Stainless Steel 316, £0. This chart shows comparative sizes in increasing B. NPS 1/8 - NPS 26 The most commonly requested BSP fittings are from 1/8inch – 4inch. Default 0. 30 – $ 48. 141 0. British Standard Pipe (BSP) is a family of technical standards for screw threads that has been adopted internationally for interconnecting and sealing pipes and fittings by mating an external (male) thread with an internal (female) thread. 40 1/2" Stainless Steel 150 lb Screwed Half Socket BSP F. NPT and BSP thread pitches (threads per inch, TPI) are listed below. * socket: * asme b. Below is the chart of names and actual measured sizes for BSPT fittings. 17. Available in different sizes, find the right socket fitting for your needs. They are provided with a Certificate of Conformity only, and not a full Test Certificate. Thread (NPT, BSP) ,Socket Welding. Full Socket BSPP Stainless Steel. Low Pressure Cast Range of Pipe Fittings The British Standard Pipe Parallel screw thread was changed to British Standard Pipe Fitting (BSPF) screw thread to remove the confusion between the like sounding BSPP/BSPT screw thread designations. 2 0. 10. 825 20mm ¾” 26. 14 Feb 2017 10:39 PM MOCAP manufactures and supplies General Purpose Plugs for BSP Threads for product/port protection. 728 0. Below, you'll find tables showing BSP  Stainless Steel Bore Cap with 32mm Female BSP Sockets - 230mm overall diameter. 315 21/2” 63. SAE, BSPT, BSPP and in any combination. Pipe Fittings 1 PIPE FITTINGS Pipe Fittings 1/16 to 1 in. B t D OD OAL (L) Socket Size Nut Recess Nut End Drive End Regular Length 6 point 12 point Nom. PENNSYLVANIA MACHINE WORKS • 1-800-PENN-USA • WWW. 045 3/4” 35. Bore Diameter (D) - Maximum and Minimum dimensions. 00 excl GST Select options Dimensions. 38. 49 $ 15 . catalog including Item #,A - Thread Size,L1,CH1,CH2,Material. 4 mm) of a steel tube for which the thread was intended, but is in the modern metric version of the standard simply a size number. 00 AUD 125mm - $98. Usually marked: Rc size ISO. Gap within  To view the dimensions for a specific fitting, click on the appropriate link below. The nominal size of copper pipe, whether supply lines or DWV, is always 1/8 inch less than the OD measurement. If the getsockopt function is successful, the information is returned in a CSADDR_INFO structure in the buffer pointed to by the optval parameter. 76mm. 270 Socket brass Connection: female thread x female thread Material: Brass Size: Available Sizes: – 1′ 1/4″ x 1’1/4″ BSP – 1′ 1/2″ x 1’1/2″ BSP Browse Male Plug Thread BSP Parallel in the World Wide Metric, Inc. 1"T0 2"NB. socket . Threaded Socket is also known as Threaded Coupling which includes Full Coupling and Half Coupling. BSP Prochem manufactures a complete range (from 6 (1⁄8”) – 100 (4”) NB) of BSP tapered, BSP parallel sealing and BSP fastening threads for a variety of applications, in Class 150 and 3000. BSPT is BRITISH STANDARD PIPE TAPER – Thread form per AS 1722. The BSP Half Coupling (Half Socket) - Stainless Steel. • BSPT threaded to ISO 7-1 • Dimensions to ANSI B16. 316 (CF8M) stainless steel. HMK4. 50mm. 2123620 2112357 1/4" 0. 3125 Female Nut x Hose Tail Female Seal (U) Female Socket x Male BSP (Seal incl. GO Black Steel Socket (Coupling) Range Scr BSP BS EN 10241 Size 6mm 8mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 65mm 80mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 6mm - $2. Major diameter British Standard Pipe (Taper Thread) BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread) is very similar to the NPT with one important difference, the angle across the flanks of the threads. 10 Pipes (11 pages) NPS 1/8 - NPS 80; Dimensions and Weights (full) ASME B36. Inspect Stainless Steel BSP Fittings according to ASME B16. Large Range of Stainless Steel BSP Fittings. HS4, 1/4" Half Socket BSP 150lb  Wrought Steel fittings to BS 1740 in both black and galvanised, in sizes from in both 3000lb and 6000lb, in screwed BSP and NPT as well as socket weld. BSP Screwed Reducing Socket × Part Number: FMG-SOC-20-10: Material: Galvanized Malleable Iron: Thread: BSP: Thread Size: 3/4" x BSP threads have what’s known as a Whitworth thread form – a 55° angle and rounded peaks and valleys. BSP. There are two types of BSP threads; - Parrallel (BSPP) - also known as G or Rp - Tapered (BSPT) - also know as R or Rc 3 in SS316 Socket. 6 x 3. We Keep Bulk Stock of ASME 16. BSP sizes don't match up with  British Standard Pipe (BSP) has been use as standard in plumbing and pipe fittings. WP 1, WP 5, WP 9, WP 11, WP 12, WP 22, WP 91 A105/A105N Forged Fittings, A182 Forged Fittings. 4 B=35 25mm A=37 B=42 32mm A=46. Common symbols used for the thread: BSPT, BSPTr, PT, KR, R, Rc. From cast couplings to cast square plugs, we have a complete inventory of standard 150 lb stainless steel cast fittings ready to ship to meet your specified needs. SLDPRT. PIPES - Dimensional tolerances for Steel Pipe to API specifications 5L and 5 XL ANSI B 16. Order online, today. TYPE 1. No. TYPE 2. Grade 316 Stainless Steel BSP Screwed Reducing Sockets. Find out the thread size. 0mm thread pitch. DWV Large Range of Stainless Steel BSP Fittings. Nominal pipe size. 15 bsp blk. 9: Basin wastes: 1. It is based on trade size rather than actual diameter which can lead to some confusion when measuring ports. BSP Size (inch) THD ID (BSP) THD ID (mm) OD (mm) type and size. DIMENSIONS ARE A GUIDE ONLY AND MAY VARY SIZE 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" L 30. bsp socket dimensions

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